An observable universe may contain 100 billions of galaxies. Galaxies contain dust, gas, dark matters countless stars and Planets. Our solar system  consist of the Sun as the average size of star and eight planets, satellites of the planets, numerous comets, asteroids and the interplanetary medium and of course gas and dust particles. Among eight or nine planets (if Pluto is also considered as a planet) only the Earth is known to support the living beings. As it contains suitable environment for living they are water, air, soil. The question raised is the “Are we alone?” What if not only water, air and soil are only the basic component of the life? What if there are other solar systems within the galaxies and what if there are planets like the Earth, what if there is another planet which supports the life. As study of these things are too difficult as study of existence of god or ghost.

There are obviously two kinds of people,one who believe in the existence of the life in another planets or existence of extraterrestrial while the other type who always deny this fact. There still exist  some group of people who think the earth is flat though it is oblate Spheroid  so, many people easily deny the fact of the existence of extraterrestrial. There are no such evidences yet to openly confirm the existence of extraterrestrial or aliens but there are many researches that have been done regarding its existence.  So it is considered as the hypothetical life form that might range from simple living such as bacteria to the advanced life form than humans.

Few interesting probable extraterrestrial incidents are:

1.Egyptian Civilization

a) Egyptian Civilization: Pyramids


Egyptian civilization is believed to have begun around 3000 B.C. The earliest known Egyptian pyramids are found at Saqqara, northwest of Memphis (Constructed between 2630 BC to 2611 BC). The construction of the pyramids is so fascinating that they exist till date as they were constructed. How it would be possible to build structures of that extent without any advanced engineering concept?

Egyptian script
Egyptian Scripts

The Pyramids are so accurately aligned with the point of compass that was impossible to achieve at that time. There are no existing records of the building plans of the construction methods. So, it is believed that the construction of these pyramids were done under the direct supervision of the aliens or extraterrestrials with much more advanced technology.

unusual skull
Unusual skull on Egyptian drawings

b) Egyptian Civilization: Scripts

As the drawings and the scripts of different ancient civilizations suggest that there were existences of living beings having unusual large and elongated cranial cavity. Usually worshipped as god and who receive its power from the rays coming from the sky. There are many drawings with the flying objects on them, which was impossible to see at that time in real life. These evidences suggest there might be the existence of the extraterrestrial beings and UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects).

flying object
Flying objects seen in Egyptian drawings

2.Leonardo da Vinci mystery

    • There is no need of the introduction to the greatest artist, mathematician, inventor and writer  Leonardo     da Vinci.  He was famous for his mirror writing as well,  while testing his paintings by combining the real image to the mirror image and passing x-rays on it and the result were shocking.  Following are few of painting by the da Vinci.
flying object da vinci
Flying Machine by da Vinci
360 fire power
360 fire power machine concept ( equivalent to tank by da Vinci



  • In the British Library, there is Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Arundel, a collection containing his drawings, inventions, and writings covering numerous scientific and creative disciplines, but what astonishes is that, there is almost no personal records. Found among Leonardo’s papers were a few personal information of him, describing his life just after two-year disappearance between 1476 and 1478. Details of his youthful adventure finding a vast and  mysterious cave, he described being on the edge of this dark cave, and saying that he felt terrified by the darkness of that cave and what might be within it. On the other hand, he felt a desire to try to understand what was in there and later he expressed it.
    human anatomy
    Human Anatomy by da Vinci

    It is believed that da Vinci after that disappearance and coming back, started drawing and investigating the impossibles at that time. He had made sketches of  human anatomy and drew each parts of the body though it was illegal to dissect and observe body at  that time and was punishable to death.

    monalisa combined
    Monalisa Combined with Mirror Image
  • It is believed that da Vinci was taken to the mysterious place out of the earth or within the earth where he learned advanced science and art. He then never spoke about his disappearances but reflected the mysteries that he found when visited to that mysterious place through his paintings and designs hard to make at that time. So it is considered that lots of mysteries are still could be solved by creating his designs in real. This insinuates  that he might have been taken by the extraterrestrial because of his extraordinary abilities comparing to that time.
    virgin an child with st. anne 1
    Virgin and Child with St. Anne mirrored

    virgin an child with st. anne 2
    After Combination







3. Roswell incident

Another famous incident was Roswell incident which occurred in mid 1947 as UFO crashed at ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. According to the army it was a conventional weather balloon but many eyewitnesses claimed that one or more alien space craft crash landed and extraterrestrial were captured dead or alive. Roswell has been called “the world’s most famous, most exhaustively investigated, and most thoroughly debunked” UFO claim.

Rosswell incident news
Rosswell incident news

It is also believed that the device captured during that crash is the basis of the development of nanotechnology and the advancement of the US air force fighter crafts and weapons.

4. WOW! Signal

In 1977, a SETI researcher working on Big Ear radio telescope tracked an extremely strong signal from constellation Sagittarius which lasted 72 seconds. Astronomer Jerry R. Ehman discovered the signal few days later, while reviewing the recorded data he found the pattern suggests WOW! (see image below), so it is referred as WOW signal. Many people believe it was the first signal recorded from aliens.

wow signal
WOW! Signal determination

5. Russia’s Dyatlov Pass Incident, A Strangest Unsolved Mystery

In 1959 a group of Russian hikers in the northern Ural Mountain established  camp on Kholat Syakhl where this unusual incident happened. Being contactless for two week, rescue team was sent to find the hikers. It was found that the tents at the camp were cut from the inside. Their dead bodies were found nearly a mile away, most of them with insufficient clothes and no shoes. Victims had cracked skulls and their ribs seemed stroked with very large force. The area of accident found with very high level of radiations.

However, major external injuries were found on a woman, Dubinina,  who was missing her tongue, eyes, part of the lips, as well as facial tissue and a fragment of skull bone, she also had extensive skin maceration on the hands. It was claimed that Dubinina was found lying face down in a small stream that ran under the snow and that her external injuries were in line with putrefaction in a wet environment, and were unlikely to be related to her death.

Russian tragedy
Russian hikers’ tragedy

According to the locals, they saw a large and bright light in the camp area and believed some extraterrestrial involvement. Due to high concentration of radiation on that location and estimation of the huge force which may be greater than a car crash, it’s believed that aliens were involved.


Every day new reports have been registered of the UFO sighting and extraterrestrial activities around the world, many believes and some consider it as fake. Till date it is considered as the hypothesis but nobody knows what is beyond the earth.  We have just stepped on the Mars our neighbor, this is the vast universe we are living. Who knows somebody is watching us all the time being our friend, neighbor or from the distance. It is up to us to believe the existence of extraterrestrial.

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This article is contributed by Chetan Ghimire, an IT engineer with interests in Astronomy and Astrobiology.


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