From Cave dwelling primitive apes, to tools using modern ape, to sophisticated Hominids! How far have we reached? Yet how indifferent from all the animals that exist in the earth today? What makes us more sophisticated, how or intelligent? How do we measure intelligence, based on what, compared with whom? I guess we’re a bit selfish when it comes to calling us the superior being, to be honest we have managed to deviate from the nature’s course and we can’t actually compare ourselves with anything that’s living in the wild, under nature’s pressure and yet thrives. We, on the other hand, enjoy the warmth of our air conditioned room, travel around in our cozy vehicles, get rid of all the diseases  that nature throws at us, practically we have found a way to defend ourselves from every single difficulties that nature throws at us. We call us, intelligent and supreme, but I bet that even with this brain and not technological advancement in our hands, we’d not survive a month in the wild, even though we assume to be superior in all of animal kingdom. But those, minor animals, they’ve been there for so long that the first of humankind didn’t even roam the earth when they existed, we’ve been here for less than a million years or so and we have ruined everything!

Natural selection: Basic (image credit:

Natural selection: Basic
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The first thing we ruined was, how we became emotionally attached, there’s no room for emotion in nature, at least the concept of Nature shouldn’t have one! The main reason, the only reason, that we are here is to transfer genes, to reproduce. We ruined it by associating it with emotions. On the other hand, if not for that emotional part, human as we are today would not have survived the wild. We can never outrun a Lion or a Cheetah, the wild is not a place for weaklings like us, again I’d like to point of the fact that I said, Human’s as we are today! May be we’d have been cave dwelling and prospered for the time being, but eventually, the forces of nature would have got the better of us. So the emotional part, associated with development of family and society gave rise to the modern humans as we are today. In doing so we managed to cheat nature!

Why so? Why cheat nature? Let’s see why! Any animal that we see today are the survivors of nature. To survive in Nature you have to fight with all the difficulties it present you with. Environmental conditions for example, an animal in the wild must first and foremost defend itself from the adverse conditions that environment throws at them. They have to manage to go through all the different season, extremities of

Warm and Cold, and they evolve in doing so, with every new lot of offspring they release a better and a resistant gene into the nature, few faulty ones out of the lot will be wiped out before they can see the world properly. Even with in the survivors the most strongest or fittest one will survive and reproduce. In case of humans, we have made buildings and clothes to defend us against the nature’s force, though people die from cold, it’s only because they aren’t in a good financial condition, anyone who is in a good condition financially, or even average will never face that condition where he needs to fight with nature. He doesn’t need to produce a better offspring, all he needs is a better quality fabric that can withstand subzero conditions. No fear of Environmental conditions, no reason to evolve or no compulsion to, if it was in the wild, there’d be breeds of human who’d have hairs all over the body to protect from the cold,  the hairy ones would live and hairless would die, leaving the hairy ones to reproduce and in that way help people evolve into a better breed, but for us Evolution has ceased. The next pressure is of food resources and overpopulation, in wild animals, this is the most basic thing that regulate evolution or changes in population dynamics of any species. In the wild, the primary competition is for the food. Every day an species needs to get better and better to be able to survive. There’s no food on the table at restaurant for them, as it is for us. They have to fight their way into the wild, catch a prey, competing with their own species and that of others. A Cheetah must compete with Lions, Hyenas, Leopards for a common prey, and then again with other Cheetah’s and all of them get better every day, learning more and more and evolving day by day. They need to fight for food, to survive they have to struggle in doing so they evolve. In case of us, we just lay back in our room, send someone to buy food for us in supermarkets and grocery. Another thing is those animals must constantly deal with shortage of food, but for us, we have ample  and plenty of storage facility. Even if the seeds of whole world is destroyed we can still create GMO’s . We don’t face a threat from nature in food resources as well. Let’s talk about disease now, diseases are nature’s way to keep an equilibrium, but no we have destroyed nature’s way and went on to create medicines and what not to keep our-self alive.  A simple disease in the wild means death for sure. But for us, we have cheated disease as well.  

We have deviated from the normal course of Nature, the way it was supposed to be, Natural Selection doesn’t work for us anymore, we can say that it doesn’t because of all the things I explained about. But it doesn’t mean that we are not evolving, we surely are on the aspect of intelligence, and to some extent and also on the context of disuse of organs, we don’t need most of the organs that we are equipped with, we don’t need appendix anymore, we don’t need pinna’s to collect round from all the directions, to see hear the sound from all directions, the sound of predators, we don’t have predators, well we have competition and for that we have guns and bombs, so we are evolving in that aspect, intelligence of arrogance I’m not sure about that though. But the thing is, Natural selection/pressure doesn’t work on us at least not to a considerable level so that it can force us to change according to its needs.

So where does that leave us? Are we on the right course? Or we’re going the wrong way, was it just chance that, we the humans became what we are today or did nature plan this all? By the looks of it, for me, the deviation of humans from the natural course was just a mere chance, and everything got ruined!