We were born, we grow up, we live life, we create-procreate some and then leave! But most of us don’t really care or comprehend the fact that life is a complex chain of events stacked up together like a computer program. In fact, we to are programmed by Genetic codes. Genes are nothing but a coding, which makes us who we are and directs what we do, it’s a bit more complex than that though.

The first thing is programming, a gene is a coded message that is decrypted inside the cell. Its translated into RNA which is translated into the proteins which are the building blocks of our body. The process isn’t called “Human programing” but rather it’s called the Central Dogma of life. But the actual coding happens in the process called meiosis, where the programming is done, the functions are selected randomly. From a 46 themes which has a similar pairing making 23 unique function, at random 23such functions are selected which again combine with other 23 to make a 46 and that 46 is human being, a programmed human being. Who is directed by the coding that lies inside of him in, a sort of human mother board. A human is born, with all the coded message in him, which will direct the cells to create a person, accordingly with the code, whatever the codes says, the same thing happen and if some words or letters are deleted, there will be error as well. But if the coding has been done flawlessly, we’re born.

That’s the basic stuff!

After a human being is born we are subjected to eat, breathe, drink and many more. We’re like machine and all of our system work in coordination to make the machine working. Most of us fail to realize what’s actually going on inside of us. We eat daily, we drink, we inspire, we expire, but what exactly is going on inside of us? Regardless of your educational background, I personally think, everyone should at least have a general idea of human body works. We eat food, without it, it is said that we will die but why? Without breathing we die as well, without drinking, but why do we not survive just by doing one of those? Why do we need a combination of all of those?

Let’s just start with the first thing first, though there’s not a first thing first kind of deal here , they all happen simultaneously, but let’s just start with the eating part. We eat stuff, and then most of it comes out as well, what really happens in our body? Whenever we eat anything, it goes through a process of mastication inside our buccal cavity where various enzymes start to work on it, it then reaches the stomach which is lined with various acids, which helps to turn the inactive enzymes of the stomach active which then help to act upon the food materials. The end product of that process is simple molecules like Glucose. Then how is breathing related with eating? Why do we need to respire oxygen? What’s the point of it? We respire oxygen, it’s in the lungs! And whatever we eat ends up in stomach so how are those to linked? Their linkage lies in the fact that whatever we eat ends up being glucose and other molecules, and ends up at cells all over the body, the cells store glucose and burn them whenever necessary and while burning the glucose, some energy is related and that energy what drives us, that is what keeps us alive, it’s like fuel that drives human engine. When the glucose is burned energy and carbon dioxide is released, the CO2 is then expired by our body as waste product.
In case of lower organism, like fungi and bacteria, when they burn glucose their byproducts are Alcohol, yes the same alcohol that we drink, oh wait you drink! I don’t!  Our waste product during assimilation is carbon dioxide and the same thing in lower organisms results in alcohol production.

Now to the heart part, the glucose is sent to all the tissues and cells, including the heart. How is blood and oxygen related then? The blood is pumped by the heart, and taken to the lungs for purification, at the same time we are aware that we expire carbon dioxide and that the lungs if filled has that as well. So how it works is, there’s something called a Hemoglobin which almost all of you have heard, what hemoglobin is, is that it’s just a vehicle that transports the oxygen to various parts of the body for energy liberation. The blood is collected from all over the body and one that goes to the heart are impure blood, by impure we don’t mean its dirty but what it means is, it lacks oxygen and is carrying carbon dioxide or our waste product, so rather than blood it’s the hemoglobin in blood that carries the oxygen or carbon di oxide, a single hemoglobin molecule can carry 4 oxygen molecule and it transports it to the cell and gets diffused, and takes up the carbon dioxide and brings back to the lungs from excretion. The oxygen is used as fuel to burn glucose and other sugar to produce energy.


The kidney, everything we drink and even eat, gets liquefied and passes through the kidney, the kidney is like filter, and it extracts the good things and the bad things! It excretes the bad things and reabsorbs the good thing, mostly water and glucose which is useful for body and excretes the urea and such products. Same thing happens at the alimentary canal where all the things we ate, after going through lots of screening process of glucose extraction then passes out as excretion.


And all of these above mentioned activities make the brain function-able which is then responsible for the coordination of everything, and the part with feelings and hunger and almost everything is “Brains” work. There are lots of sensors in our body and when we are touched or punched,  the brain receives the signal that we are being touched or punched and makes us work accordingly, and the most important part of the brain is Hypothalmus which is responsible for all the hormonal activities which is almost everything in our body. The brain is responsible for making us who we are, providing us identity to some basis at intraspecific level, and to some extent at the interspecific level. The human body is a complex system, a machine that works with coordination of various organs which work in systemic rhythm to make us who we are, from microscopic level to a five-six feet flesh that can perform daily activities we are a program that’s being executed by the coded information in our genes. All these stuff and all the intracellular stuff will require another blog, but for now I hope I have cleared out, in the simplest way possible, how life works!!